Marketing Plan

Marketing is central to YCB. Every year, through our marketing plan, we work to promote the Yukon and our members to potential meeting and convention planners. Note: current plans are shifting due to C19 global pandemic recovery. YCB will continue to execute our mandate as the environment dictates. Marketing activities include:

  • Developing marketing partnerships
  • Attending trade shows / in person & virtual
  • Hosting in-market sales events
  • Conducting direct sales calls
  • Organizing familiarization tours
  • Holding trade memberships and conducting promotional activities
  • Advertising in a variety of mediums
  • Preparing lure brochures and other publications
  • Developing and maintaining a website & social media channels
  • Conducting research and other related programs
  • Educating our members

Find out what YCB is planning for 2022/2023 by downloading our Marketing & Sales Plan 2022-2023 and 2022-2023 Communications Strategy.