May 11-13, 2023 – YCB was a Connector partner for MPI the EVENT 2.0 – Flip the Switch in Gatineau, Quebec.

By designing the convention centre washrooms as a spin off of the North of Ordinary article, ‘Loveable Loos’, YCB was able to feature Yukon event facts in a fun and interesting way.

Mirror and door slides featuring facts/phrases like:

“You’re looking fresh today, just like the Yukon Air”

“Air North – Yukon’s Airline, provides service to/from Toronto and Ottawa Seasonally, Plus Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Kelowna year round.”

“No better seat for the evening show” (featuring photo of aurora)

When attendees scanned a QR code, they were entered to win a Dawson City Gold Nugget.


YCB thanks Air North – Yukon’s Airline for the continued support when traveling outside the territory.