YCB Membership & Services

Alaska Campground Owners Association

Alaska Campground Owners Association represents RV parks and campgrounds in the state of Alaska.

Services Offered: Accommodations / Associations

Phone (907) 339-9082
Fax (907) 334-9082
Email members@alaskacampgrounds.net
Website www.alaskacampgrounds.net

Association Franco-Yukonnaise

Non-profit organization working to improve the Yukon Francophone’s quality of life in French. Multipurpose hall and meeting room rentals available. Please visit online at sify-yukon.ca or contact the Yukon Convention Bureau office for detailed information on each meeting/event venue listed.

Services Offered: Associations / Facilities / Services

Phone (867) 668-2663 ext.550
Fax (867) 688-3511
Email sify@afy.yk.ca
Website www.sify-yukon.ca

Association of Yukon Communities

Assisting Yukon communities to achieve and sustain strong and effective local government.

Services Offered: Associations / Services

Phone (867) 668-4388
Fax (867) 668-7574
Email ayced@northwestel.net
Website www.ayc-yk.ca

Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau is a non-profit marketing organization whose mission is to contribute to the economic well-being of the Fairbanks area by marketing to potential visitors. We market Fairbanks as a year-round destination by promoting local events, attractions and activities to independent travelers, group tour operators, travel agents, meeting planners and the […]

Services Offered: Associations / Facilities / Services

Phone (907) 457-3282
Fax (907) 452-4190
Email info@explorefairbanks.com
Website www.explorefairbanks.com

Klondike Visitors Association – Dawson City

Klondike Visitors Association / Dawson City Looking to host a meeting in Dawson City? Klondike Visitors Association has the answers! We act as the Destination Marketing Organization for our region; operate multiple attractions, including Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall; organize and support regional events; and represent over 50 local businesses and organizations. Contact us to […]

Services Offered: Associations / Facilities / Services

Phone (867) 993-5525
Email dtg-kva@dawson.net
Website www.dawsoncity.ca

Sport Yukon

Sport Yukon is an organization which enchances opportunities for all Yukoners in their pursuit of excellence and in their enjoyment of participation. Please contact the Yukon Convention Bureau office for detailed information on each meeting/event venue listed.

Services Offered: Associations / Facilities / Services

Phone (867) 668-4236
Fax (867) 667-4237
Email trevt@sportyukon.com
Website www.sportyukon.com

Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon

TIA Yukon is the visitor industry association forging a common voice and taking action to influence, promote and assist the development of tourism in the Yukon. TIA Yukon seeks to ensure the prosperity of tourism for the good of all stakeholders. Membership benefits include lobbying efforts for tourism enhancement programs, inter-industry communication, annual conferences, Vacation […]

Services Offered: Associations / Services

Phone (867) 668-3331
Fax (867) 667-7379
Email info@tiayukon.com
Website www.tiayukon.com

Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce

Business Association representing Whitehorse & Yukon Businesses.

Services Offered: Associations / Services

Phone (867) 667-7545
Fax (867) 667-4507
Email business@whitehorsechamber.ca
Website www.whitehorsechamber.com

Yukon Chamber of Commerce

An association of Yukon community chambers of commerce, other interest groups, individuals and corporations, dedicated to providing the community chambers of commerce and the broader Yukon business community with a unified voice on issues affecting the welfare of the Yukon.

Services Offered: Associations / Services

Phone (867) 393-6060
Email ycc@yukonchamber.com
Website www.yukonchamber.com

Yukon First Nation Culture and Tourism Association

The Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association (YFNCT) is a non-profit organization that is committed to growing and promoting vibrant and sustainable arts/culture and tourism sectors. YFNCT offers training, a booking/referral service, networking opportunities and co-operative marketing for First Nations artists, performers, cultural centres and tourism entrepreneurs in Yukon. YFNCT works closely with arts/culture, […]

Services Offered: Associations / Services

Phone (867) 667 7698
Fax (867) 667-7527
Email info@yfnct.ca
Website www.yfnct.ca

Yukon Tourism Education Council

The Yukon Tourism Education Council is an organization that addresses industry’s need for a coordinating body to undertake the human resource issues facing the Tourism Industry in the Yukon. We provide training and education products to tourism and service businesses, in an effort to enhance the growth of a professional training culture in the industry, […]

Services Offered: Associations

Phone (867) 667-4733
Fax (867) 667-2668
Email darlene@internorth.com
Website www.yukontec.com

Yukon Wild

Yukon Wild members are operators who are licensed under the Wilderness Tourism Licensing Act of the Yukon. Our experts also support eco-tourism best practices as outlined in WTAY’s Code of Conduct for Operating Wilderness Tours.

Services Offered: Associations / Tour Operators

Phone (867) 668-3369
Fax (867) 668-3370
Email marketing@wtay.com
Website www.yukonwild.com